Do More With An All-In-One eLearning Authoring System

Everything you need to create multiple types of responsive content from a single source and empower your team to collaborate, share, reuse and easily publish to any format.

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Author multiple types of content for different moments of need, all from a single source

Unlock your content and future-proof your learning and development.  With dominKnow you can create multiples types of formal, performance support and micro-learning content, from a single source.

single-source authoring

Stop working in silos and start working together

Complete learning projects faster.  dominKnow was designed specifically for teams with built-in collaborative workflow.  Teams that work together create better content, faster.

Build Better eLearning as a team

Toss the shackles and create responsive eLearning without limitations

dominKnow lets you create any type of content you can imagine for any device.  Our powerful authoring gives you the flexibility and customization to create beautiful and interactive learning without having to modify content for different device sizes.

Responsive eLearning with no limitations
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Easily Publish and Distribute Your eLearning Anywhere

dominKnow ensures all your content is ready in any format you need by following best practices and eLearning standards.  Publish your eLearning as SCORM, xAPI, AICC, Web, or Print and use PENS for one-click uploading into your LMS.

Easily publish and distribute your eLearning

Deliver accessible eLearning that meets all learners needs

dominKnow supports Section 508, WCAG 2.0 Level AA, and WAI-ARIA compliance so that you can ensure your eLearning content is accessible and compliant.

Create accessible eLearning

Simplify the process of translating and localizing your eLearning

With dominKnow authors can create courses in any language and easily manage the process of translating and localizing the content.

eLearning Translation and Localization

Deliver learning at scale with the power of an LCMS

Authoring great eLearning content is at the core of dominKnow.  But we don’t stop there.  We surround the authoring experience with our cloud-based Learning Content Management System that lets you organize all your content in one central location.

Create accessible eLearning